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Merike is a lucky person since her job is also her hobby. Gastronomy has payd a big role in her life since she was a kid – her Napoleon cake became famous amongst her friends and family when she was very young.

She is a big fan of everything that includes food – movies, books, documentarys etc. At least once a year she travels to enjoy the kitchen of different countries and get inspiration for her own work. Her favourit destination is Italy with its simple but delicios food, culture and of cause the sights.

From time to time Merike likes to take some risk and experiment by combining new flavours. One of her latest achievements – Creme brule a’la Gastronoom, You can find in our menu!

Gastronoom Kokk Merike kooki küpsetamas


Nelle has always loved to prepare food and mixing different flavours and textures has been a part of her life as long as she remembers. So it is not a big wonder that she is a Cook now. Nevertheless there have been some surprises on the way like the fact that she became a Ceramist in Sweden after graduating the Finska Folkhögskolan.

Nelle spends a lot of time in Nature where she loves to pick mushrooms and take pictures – some of her photos have found their way to the walls of several homes. As a creative person she likes to demonstrate her work of art not only to herself but also to public. At Gastronoom You can enjoy her art on Your plate.

Gastronoomi coctail
Gastronoomi Kerttu makes coctail


Kerttu smiles like Sunshine, so the very second You enter Gastronoom You shall feel most welcome. Her proffessional service skills and friendliness always makes Your day.

If You notice her dancing between tables, it is totally normal – 12 years of dancing experience sometimes just comes out when the atmosphere creates right vibes.

We are also lucky to say that she is a big fan of cleaning so even waterstains on tables and bar are absolutely unacceptable for her and will be wiped out as soon as she sees them.

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