Kimchi 4

Marinated Smoked mushrooms 4

Edamame beans 4

Padroni peppers 4

Lighter dishes

Spicy tiger prawns 10

white wine sauce, caper, chilli

Tuna 12

wakame-cucumber salad, sesame seeds, ponzu sauce

Fish soup 12

prawns, mussels, scallops

Mussels 10

white wine sauce, tomato, chilli

Grilled and marinated sardines 8

apple-fennel salad, mustard seeds

Beef tataki 10

spicy Thai sauce

Goat cheese ravioli 10

brown butter, cedar seeds, sage

Selection of meat and seafood 20

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Main Course

Ramen 7

pulled pork, egg, kimchi, shiitake, noodles, coriander

Grilled octopus 12

romesco sauce, homemade potato chips

Trout (Pähkla) 14

Beluga lentils, soybeans, langoustine sauce

Ravioli 10

goat cheese, brown butter, cedar seeds, sage

Linguine pasta with tiger prawns 14

white wine butter sauce, parmesan

Creamy buckwheat with mushrooms 10

parmesan, arugula

Beef entrecote 20

par fried potatoes, onion, red wine sauce


Crispy chicken with french fries 5


Crème Brulee a' la Gastronoom 5

Mango cheesecake 6

Plum tart with goat cheese ice cream 6

Autumn menu 2020! 

New menu is full of freshness with wide variety of seafood.   

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